Wednesday, January 7, 2009

u r so yesterday(lyric)

hey dear,
tell me again,
i'm the one for you,
the one you dream,
every night,

hey dear,
tell me again,
u'll be there for me,
for tears or smile,

c/o 2x:
so, u r so yesterday,
all i wanna hear,
its not real,
its just a fairytale,

hey dear,
i'm addicted to you,
u r my disease,
for dis time and real,

hey dear,
i know i got to let go,
but i dont know how,
maybe dis is it,

c/o 2x

i dont how i could live,
no matter how my lips lie,
it is for us,
u can let ur mask off,

new year resolution(not really new year..hehe)

last year(27/12/2008),i was grip by this form that my mum brought back,there was this like motivatuional+ibadah camp..n there was my dream,flying fox.i told myself i gotta do this..haha..i've been dying to try this,i was like the age limit was,i was thinking no way in hell a 17 wulb be doin dis normal 17 wuld a i was right.full marks for me!!haha..i was the only 17.the only human been or the peserta.ok,there was one faci dat was 17(which i found out at the 2nd day,duh)but dat was excluded okay.there was i the penghuluwati leading immatured,the penghulu is really a total clowna bit,i was hanging out all the time wif my lil sis,Fathiyah(16),Mira(16) and her two lil sis.,Mira's younger sister was hanging out wif my lil,i culd found my own least they were much matured than the other,the 2nd day we went into the nur bukit unggul resort.we went was real,tiring like hell.but i luv it.i mean i totally do wallclimbing with water n stuff.n we cook in the jungle in Mestings(i dunt even noe if i spell it right..hehe)they only give us a bottle of mineral water for the whole fucking,there was i up and down wif syahirah(14,i hink.matrured kid)getting fresh river water.i mean my team cook nasi,sardin and telur hancur.i think.haha..luckily everyone survived.haha.there back to the hq again.we diud flying,boys first.cuz other big girls were too chicken i had to do it to save the day.the first two contestant was two 9 years old kids.shame on the big,there was i wif my lil sis hanging on the flying,being the first dat was stuck i didnt scream.gimmeahell.n givin them all the fun laughing us childish.i mean there is juz no way in hell they r ginna left us hanging there all day.hell yeah.maybe i was shaking climbing up the ladders.but no way i screaming like immatured girls.for fucking fact,i'm, there i was smiling like a miss universe.n other girls got left hanging too.yurp,they scream their lungs,,it was time for boys get over girls' a usual,i was the oldest.i didnt really have gud memory wif the boys.i was in,there was dis one hot form 4 guy.but he was checking out wif,no biggies university i gonna meet up wig sum gud guys dat will be my normal friends.there i was always be the second of the best to first the best.i'm actually tired of it.i mean u hanging wif most of all ur friends dt is technically the hotties n hanging wif the most hot boy.but there will never recognise u.
okay,so the tajuk was new year resolutions.who cares!new year is so i am.stuck here in kedai.i couldnt start driving cuz my mum wouldnt let,my mum want to sent to english kurus thing.i mean dat is so,last sunday.i lepak wif paten n fisya n yana ms.the only friend who i s currently,we watch the was fun.the hero who i still dunt know is totally has a sexy voice.i mean i find the story is interesting but i wuld never recommend it to others.i was in the mood for bedtime story but my friends, the spirit was comic book turnd film(i juz noe).then,we went yana ms was late but she still wanted to watch,there she watch the muvie wif kapak.i dunno who i shoud feel sorie for, me or,next me ,fisya n paten went was fun like hell.then,each of us was sakit tekak.cuz it seems like each of us really need the break.haha.we were doing songs like Jatuh Cinta,Isabella(yeah,like wat??) and couples more of,there was this guy that keep walking forward and backward wif this pewangi.he was so cute.and that jus,then we lepak at Pizza Hut.i had my Burger Kings which i bought from Ummu.she is still the sweet aUmmu..huhu..i mish her so much!!so there was it at Apex,i think people if u mish sum of the form 5 of smkpj1 n maybe from sum other skool in Putrajaya,u might wanna walk around the fast food outlet.hehee..
so,that's the story of my life for now.until then,take care and muahxx.

u noe u luv me,