Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dont be angry to me. Heh

Hey3. How are you guys doing? I hope everyone having doing fine. Why I write this post? Humm. Because lately too many want a piece of me. Too many people ask too much and expect too much. Heh. Im just human. I guess because I always act like I dont care doing anything for others. hey, let me tell you tell the real reason. Im no saint nor goody-two-shoes okeh? Im doing others without care because I know karma works so well around me. Then,I never expect others to do things for me. Because everyone is so selfish like me. Hey, take a chill pill. Because right now I want to tear myself in pieces. Im trying to be helpful as possible so dont leave all your works because Im super Zahrina. heh.

Hey, people. Right now, Im the chief editor of 1st college magazine, secretary cc(my course), secretary cc dinner, deputy director of II of baksis(they tried to put me as secretary. heh,damn!), a rugby touch player, a student, a muslimah n a daugther. Come on people, Im a masochist gipang(gila pangkat) person. But believe me 50% of this above Im chosen out of my will. Im trying to do my best in everyone because I never expect anyone to help me or support me. And the minute I start to expect on others meaning relying on others which is just say wrong because we as muslim only should rely on our creator. Im really am trying. Believe me!

And about my friends in Putra,I really hope them are well. Because Im quite sick of everyone waiting for someone to set up a gathering. And not care about others doing well. You guys are real good in giving your sympathy but I only want to share happiness with you guys. Heh

To my cc coursemates,lets do our best for this fucking critical semester 2. Lets not problems tore us apart. Lets be strong and stick together till the end okeh? Dont let money or anything else. Even if might break up, lets just stop and think about our hard times and LOL times.

So Dear God, pretty please with the cherry on the top. Please gives me and my friends and super strength that I need. Scratch that. Please give everyone that I know a super strength to get through all this hard times. Please keep us faith toward You so strong. Please guide us to be the muslim and muslimah we needed to be.

Toodles people. take care
p/s:Im not all nice and remember if you did purposely do me wrong karma will work around now or later. heh