Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey February!!

Hey,its February! Its been a month since we enter 2011. Somehow I still accidentally write the year 2010. Guess Im still kinda stuck in the past. Maybe becuz of him. Thanx to him,i may not find someone dats is much better in my coming days. Who knows what might happen. Its all in Dear God's hand. I hope February brings a better life. Better strength for me to live on,move on. Whatever it needs. To be closer to Him.
Everyone be happy like this colourful balloons
Everyone please be happy and be strong. I could see all my friends here in UPM getting serabut with non-academic works. Hey,im busy and tension. Please dont slash out all your tension your friends especially the touchy one like me. hahaa. Im usually dont give a damn because I know no one give a damn about others life like theirs. But then again, please be chillax and let me say,Welcome to my club. Heh. I hope everyone give their cooperation,I dont care if its not their best but can you at least fake it. Im already tension here. You elect me as your leader because you didnt want to do the job but hey please gimme some hand here. Once you get your job,whether you want it or not act like you want it. Dont wait until others give you the job.

Im currently busy as an SU course to finish board cc, SU for final year dinner(to do lotsa2 of formal letters) and chief of editor of K11. Its the first edition or should I said my first baby. I always have soft spot for journalism. But I dudnt further my studues in it because my dad only gimme 3 option for my career; engineer,doctor and lawyer. Im not good at talking nor reading and remembering. So,hello engineer world!!Hoping I can get my Ir status later. Im going crazy for my dad always want someone to study overseas. So,he is hoping that Ill pass my degree with flying colour so I can get my master and do it oversea. Hey,Im still in my first year. Huhuu.
Kerja yang banyak seronoknya if boleh settle dalam tinggg pastu zap3 buat kerja next pulak. LOL
So, I hope February will bring the old me in matrix. The super hadrworking+dilligent crazy smart ass pants that was licving well without connecting to her bestfriends. Because right now Im currently tired asking others how theyre doing and nobody asked me how I am nowadays. I want to solely dedicate my life to God and my books. Owh,I already got my JPA money.(twice) But I havent buy something that is big like gadget(I have bought my encik Teddy) My encik Teddy, I bought in Mines. I was quite embarrased because couples that pass me by keep peeking. The girlfriends keep poking their boyfriends like "U,I want this one too". I was waiting for someone to buy it for me but that particular someone hasnt appear in my life yet. So,I buy one for myself first.
Encik Teddy besar dia separuh badan ak. Fluffy sangat!!

Right now, I want either a psp, iphone or a Macbook Pro. Huhuu. Im crazy indeed. For PSP, I heard there will be a PSP2 so Im waiting until it comes out and maybe just maybe I will buy it. (I have to pujuk Nazirah so she wont be mad at me because Im buying it before her. Huhuu) For PSP, I want something mobile. The last time I played game on console was Im in my Form 5. For my PSone. I a gamer. Ceyesly.
PSP2. Gila betol sony niyh.
For Macbook Pro 13",Im want to buy my first notebook. Macbook is really convenient and efficient look at this commercial for better comparison. Hehee. Real funny! My friends say there will be new update at April but I not as patient as them. Maybe they will update their new processor from Intel 2 Dual Core to intel i5 or i7. Im guess Im fine without it. Hopefully. Hahaa.

I want my baby now!
Truthfully speaking Im a sucker when it comes to new gadgets. iPhone have a lot of applications. 
Ak akan terus beli iPhone if ada keypad like this bottom one.
Ak mahu ini jugak.
(Ak yang kegilaan sebab dapat banyak duit)
Okey,thats it people. Have a great February. Please Dear God, so kami xkan stress sangat dan xmelampiaskan kemarahan kami kepada kawan2 kami.
Thank you.