Sunday, July 19, 2009

KMJ is life...??

its been so u guys miss now, i'm officially a student at Kolej Mtrikulasi Johor, Tangkak..syurga kain..hehee..seriously, u should c the price was like low..2 mtre for wif the varieties..the selendang..gotta buy one..bout roomies are juzt crazy and wacko..especially E'in..she is just so out of this world..the queen of senget..she is from Kluawang,Jhr..well, Dayah is so time she is sweet n tyme she is tagging wif E'in to buli me..but she is still sweet.doesnt a terengganu should be like that erh?? wnder her abg kete sport sangkut..hahaa..Emily eventhough she is kinda disconnetcted from us..but lately she cracks jokes that shocks diam2 ubi berisi la..aahh,when it comes to my prcticem..the funnest part..hahaa.ghazali, the clown of the class.zamri pon da brani ejek2 aku..apek n ct, cute kapel..faiz,topek n hadi trio..naim,the fzk psiko.ekhzarizal,really the unexpected..Didi, tersentaq akaq style..ngade2 tol dak tu..nme je, dayah an ama are the senget one.hahaa..nabila the moody one.ct the sweet trengganu.aida, the quens of riddles..hahaa.sri erna ervinnaa,man it tickles even juz thinking of her..then ain..hahaa..lgik senget..hazirah,diam2 ubi trbakar..shida,the cute one.kak sham, the kindadat accidentally hit ur crazy as my lefe turn out to be, my grade are also gradually increasing..i kissing the bullshit off..i'm more confident but more crzay n hepi..being wif them is my life now..i'm gonna make dis a tear dat i wont forget.juz finished my ups..chem, math n bi was okay but fzk is jzu so out of dis world..people had been expecting me getting the best..but wat if i didnt.huu...well, i hope for the best!!(duh, doesnt everybody..hahaa)
to all my fwen in subang jaya, putrajaya, jempol, johro..wherever u r are..i would really luv to meet up has been a rollercoaster for me..hope u guys had fun on ur ride too..hehee..

luv u..