Friday, October 23, 2009


Dis song i write when i had my another breakup wif d same guy..wateva!!at dta tyme,i totally cant accept it cuz the breakup was part of my mistakes..but i'm definitely over him..yerp2okee,so here is okey,fine..owh and i believe accepting the fate u r hurt and may have a pinch of feeling for him is the baby steps in forgetting him..

I used to,
stand right,
to my point,
believe in,
the path i should take,
i've alwez been dat

i hate to admit,
My life's changing

I'm not okay,
when u r not beside me,
there for me,
my saviour,
I;mnot okey,
whenu walk away,
u r not a typical guy,
u r the only one,

I used to,
live my life,
do everything ryte,
but not now,
seems like nuthin work
without u,

c/o 2x

dis feeling is real
i feel it inside,
when i cried for days,
dis is nota fairytale,
a true luv is true,
only wif u by my side

c/o 2x