Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Matrikulasi Atau Universiti??

Salam.. lalalaa
This post i made especially to spm leavers of 2009 (trharu x,=p). So maybe u guys wondering like hell which one to o. Matrix or U. i've been there done dat.
  • For me i choose to go to mtrx johor. 1. i got dip in for my u, 3years seems like forever to finish. 2. uitm arau perlis seems a lil more rural than tangkak, johor(syurga kain) 3. i'm still old school about this guys n girls lepaking together.

  • Lets look on mtrix; its half u n half skool. (for ur school lovers, to afraid to face u) u have to wear baju kurung meaning u dunt have to worry about others wearing freaking hot than you (yeaayy) its 8 to 4 pack classes it got lecture class, tutorial class, lab for chem,bio n fzk (yup, u still have to submit ur lab report) its a fast track for mid sem and sem hols u got 2 weeks vacation meals are cheaper than in u (becuz its still under surveillance of MOHE) for me matrix suits me cuz i'm not ready to be exposed to the real world. so enterin matrix is like my baby step.

  • about university; if u got foundation, u really should enter u more freedom but hey, make up ur mind and stick to it. wherever u choose juz make the best of it. give your 200%. all the best spm leaver 2009. chayok2!!


'Sesunguhnya Allah xkan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan usaha kaum itu sendiri'