Thursday, December 25, 2008

baru blek cherating..esok g kem..

me juz got home from exhausted..4 days there..actually my dad got kursus i was hanging out wif my lil sis..swim in pools,men tepi pantai cuz the current so kuat meyh..bajet nak basah kaki then..before i noe it me,baby n aunty Tina was wet fromhead to toe..haha..then,jalan2 kat kemaman..tiring hehe..tipo(duk dalam kete jew) a lot of satar(wat ikan mixed wif kelapa n lil bit cili padi)accidentaly bit on as heal..haha..the otak2 was not dat gud too many kelapa..too sweet..haha..then,my dad's fwenz pakcik hmazah and makcik ct came at tuesday(we were there at monday until thursday)i thought he didnt brought along his sons and daughter..but he 1st childhood crush..haha..hanafi..not bad..tall,fair skin,funny..almost the perfect guy..he was so get in well wif mom n dad..ibet he already has gf..wif dat face n atittude..haha..i was sitinngbeside chikin for like about 3 hours..but neither of us didnt start..i guess i noe our chances of met up again is so low..haha..oh well..i'm jus 17..n my spm hasnt comeout who noe wat wuld happen next an..tommorrow,wuld be goin to a camp ibadah..looks,flying fox..hurmm.cant wait...wish me luck..erh?? muaxx

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Lyana said...

hahaha. u are so funnnyyyyy telling us ur 1st chilhood crush;DD