Saturday, February 28, 2009


Ur boss scold u like again??Ur teacher hate u??Computer or laptop hang??ur hair or tudung is a mess?? chill..i got some good tps how to de-stress..why i'm so sure..maybe cuz I got it from a newspaper..maybe cuz I'm always so streeful..maybe cuz i try it myself, it works so u should try it too..

1. Exercise..
>For some people that already sighed by that words.dont be.the definion here doesnt meaning streching out your muscles like hell. warms up you know start from head to toes.or if u a lazybum like me you could walk fast like for 10 minuts plus some hand strestch up and down,left and right. go jogging. or play ur favorite sports.or jumping around. the easiest, turn on the music, do it like lady gaga, just dance.

2.Deep breathing
>this is the easiest.stop whatever u r doing. take a real deep breath until ur hidung like kembang kempis..or until like actually feel air flowing through ur lungs. count backward from 10 to 0..try again like from three times..with ur eyes closed if u have to..take a break for a while..chill.

3. Play
Remember when u used to play like for hours until ur mom had to drag u back home..get that memory back. U noe play like a child.blew some noisemaker.Blew some the seesaw, swing like hell, down the slide..but dude, dont push the kids okay..

4. Treat Urself
> Go to the shopping mall, buy the dress that you have been longing like for a loong time, dip into some fav, Cadbury Black Forest, go to anything that u desire. but remember dont got too carry away cuz maybe u might regret it later.

5. Talk
Get the phones and start talk..Or u should talk to ur pets..find the right person to talk to..maybe u need someone to talk back, help you out, solving ur problems..or maybe u need someone juz hug u..but the most important would not be critising ur problems..

6. Sleep
u might wanna set the time u should already asleep..every nite..disorder sleeping time will ruin ur concentration during the least get a good sleep 6 hours per day..real good sleep. put ur handphones or anything tehcno stuff away from our will still gave some radiant which is a total no-no for ur good sleep.. dont do anything that is tiring at least 30 minutes before u sleep. chill.let ur mind doodle for awhile.

7.Eat right
>When u r feeling stress u feel like munch the right food, apple, grapes. Eat your veggies and fruits..


Chelz. said...

what the hell is lady gaga doing? heh?

Chelz. said...

point no. 5.

err..can u find me a talking dog? (cat scared me)