Friday, April 3, 2009


hey guys.its been so damn long.oky, first question,have you ever said things like you would damn swear you would never do because you think its like what bad because your friend does it. but by the end of the day, or any day you did it. me??i hadnt break any swear that i had swear. oke, confession.i kinda hate one of my classmate who like to swear too much like zikir you know.he said it loud and clear,well, i do swear now.but not like saying it out loud.yes, i am reffering to my guy classmate who has the face but absolutely zero on manners.okey,back to the whole i like has this friends. 2 friends i'm pointing here. one was the said about the tudung. she likes point my other close friend who like kejap pakai kejap x.but my friends who has been point wears tudung on and off the one that have been pointing out wears..shit, i shouldnt been shitting about this.okey, my exactly point is, the situation here is like licking your spits. my friend had asked me would i be looking her differently(my other friend is the messenger) if she did like something she used to bitch about others.(this involving what she do with her bf)yeah, she did it. so i got another friend who her bf kissed her forehead.right it start with hand then god know what will, again i said i'm just your so called bff.but there is still line between my life and your never get my life i wouldnt set your life right.if your family approves your relationship why would i like sebok2 what would you be doing.its your life beb. hey, i will look at you differently because people always changed for good or helps you in are learning something right, i hope.
i always feel like is shitting friends is somewhat pulling me to their vibes.dragging me to say its okay to be bad sometimes.but i aint breking my promises.again and again its okay if you are single. its okay just to do something that will..whatever babe.its like i dont do guys and date. its like i'm a jerk magnet.or somewhat when we are an item, he turn to a jerk.and when i head over heels.i'm truly it until i hit my head hard.
i dont like talking about myself because i'm afraid they might get me i can read your face dear when you get bored or you just dont get it.or maybe when i was pouring out my hear to a teacher that i trust. yeah, so it was there was people who why oh why teacher you have to do the boring face so obvious why i was like crying like hell.damn adults are just so not trustworthy.yeah, its a normal teenager probs.peer's jealousy.but wathefuck!!i dont normally talk about my problems to peoples because i dont like to bicth about others.hahaa.but somehow i just cant stand it.i'm human afterall.sometimes i wish i would die faster.lesser problems because i'm super duper fragile.i bleed my heart everytime. i would be doing suiciding any minute now but that's would be one-way ticket to hell.forever.ever.
enough shittying about my my question again.have you ever break your swear.simple says.lick your spits??


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