Tuesday, April 21, 2009


while i was having my dinner, i was watching the berita utama of tv3. so i saw mahmoud ahmadinejad was speaking.i think he said something bad the Jewish. so when he was starting his speech.

there was someone wearing clown's hair(afro yg warne-warni) throwing a little junk at him and shouting"you are racist!!"thanks god.someone quickly dragged him out. and there he commented "forgive that guy because he was uneducated"so the audience laughed to his comment.

As he continue about the Jewish who was invading the Palestine's.how bad is that.most of the Americans and their allies, walk out of the conference room as a sign of protest. so he continued his speech like nothing happen.

I always had this look upon him because for me he is brave and loud for his opinion. he is an Islam President that we should look up for.i read on wikipedia about his simple life.
one day when his son was accessing internet way too long, he asked him to stop by saying"i cant pay the internet bill if its too much"
so, this is his site in wikipedia.


p/s: he is the current president of Iran

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muffin's said...

zah.. err.. what is Jewish? Pakatan ke? heh... lol. >_<