Monday, January 11, 2010

Its been a while..??

da lame da its 2010.cant believe in about 3 month onwards i'm aout to finish my mtrcltion in jhr.dis time,i'm really gonna mish my prktikem mates.i'm gonna mish laughing like crazy wif them.
playing volleyball(thanx to ali, apek, zam an hadi all the girls in my prktkm cm serve and dig..whee)
tackiling Aida's riddles,
gadoing wif Ali,
pissing off over Daya's moodiness,
crazying over K-pop wif Nabila an Ain(com2 praa~)
my roomates
shitting about my day wif dayah,
getting oowhheyy wif Ein,
getting all fired up wif Emily..

But sometimes i miss hanging out wif my putra's BFF,
faten, palish, hannah, lyana ma, lyana s, im, babai, nodie..

my jets's besties,
izza, hazirah, dalis, lyana ah, loey, wanie, ain, tora, caza..

Dear God,
i pray for ally my friends' safetiness, for their successness, awsomeness..
if their had their low time give them spirit to rise again,
let them rely only to you, Dear Allah,
i'm pray for your forgiveness for our sins,
I hope all my friends will be in your Rahmat(almk fail jap)


Anonymous said...

xde name aku pon...
hahaha... kiding

-zahryn_BPL2SF- said...

almk trtinggl.swieeeeeeee(sila bace sepngjg hrkt yg anda mahu>familiar x ayat ni)hee.nah, Aainaa for being bus-buds..hee

Anonymous said...

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