Thursday, December 18, 2008

horrible week!!

it started at 16 dec 2008..until today..gurmm..i feel a bit misery today..aku kat kedai..mak g men bowling 4 puspanita thing..auntie masitah g checkup for her lil daughter(who apparently is cute but cant be left alone-detected would be a clingy)aku n kakyong xbwk duit kedai.tadi rm240.70 'terbang' cuz bayar duit,skarunk duit kedai 78 ringgit jew..50 bucks pown xde nak kci pecah..aku bangun awal kol 9.30 cuz tepon umah berbunyi..aku rasew auntie aisjah yg kol cuz aku still mamai..haha.sore serak lagik..had my brekfast n tgk tv..then kene marah dgn kakyong cuz xsiap lagik..plzlah dye if she is being fucking resposible..g lah mandi dulu..aku da siap mandi.she was still in bed..immobile like watde..then,aku da siap..dye suh aku g dulu..aku kool nazirah suh dye datang bwk duit to save half the day..but,i dunt think io wold be needing her now..duit rm50 da ade to pecah one..well,two last nye..N smses me to kol him ASAP to settle our probs..then,i kol him..i told i juz wanted t2 be fwenz cuz dat will lasts he was dissapointed..sorry N..u a r s,i'm super-afraid dat i will hurt love doesnt suits my pointelss-lyfe now..i juz wannabe off..u,i on9..dat B buzz me in YM..he askes y i havent been smsing him,i was lyke i'm waiting for him to smses me,he was lyke wat's the point he noe i wouldnt smses him back..SHIT man he wasnt even trying..he doesnt care about me..i mention him about my dad's condition,yes he doesnt about him..i mean we r normal..uisng aku n ko.dat i can accept but the the part dat i hate most is he start talking aboyt his lurv lyfe..watdefuck..i mean i'm his fwenz but i'm his ex..plz,sumbody better better get him a book Couple For Dummies(not dat it ever exist,haha),i has to console him blah,he was wif a gurl,M for five years from form1 until recently(M coupled wif his fwenz to get even wif him..watdefuck!!)so he was wif M til he in JETS(ignore the fact dat he dated two girl there).so,M coupled to get even at him wif his fwenz.he is so cnfident dat he could her her back becuz his "loyal"(boys and their setiakawan,like wateva!!)fwenz smses everythin dat their.well,they deserve each other cuz they r both loony in lurv!!,as a fwenz i dad to listened and consoled him.sumbody, plz him give slap-back-to-reality.huhu..dis sounds karma an..i mean i'm not totally reject cuz he doesnt tyechnically said dat he likes me too..soo..i eam deeply inside i hope there will be sumthin wif F..but i,dats about my crzy-lyfe!!

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