Thursday, December 18, 2008

lyfe after spm(sijil paling mudah)

not much has changed..juz keje kat my mum's shop..kinda borink..all dis customer..waa..tension beb..wanna start driving klas but my second sis who apparently hasnt started yet wouldnt let me potong her have to wait after she went back to her uni..i still wakeup 9..big suprise to my fwenz who is apparently has been waking up at n my mum is ni compromy when waking 9..yet,she is still babble about me n my siblings being lazybum..haha..yet juz yesterday,i had finally feel like it is oliday cuz yesterday baru lepak kat alam..then,trjumpe my skoolmate paroi @zulakmal..i thought he was leaving by the time i arrived..but shockingly he took my advice..hehe..nasty,me wif patenn him jalan2..a bit cam pity to him lah..cuz i got nothingto talk..n paten was quiet so,i cam stuck dunno who talk first..haha..then went to game kete..he beat me twice..well,apologies accepted he is a guy after all..haha..then,jalan2..then,yana ms came..she was free,i thought ihsan mesti ade kalo x..she wouldnt dare to be free hair wif us..after all,she did said to me yg she kinda dislike girl free hair..then,there she k=noe lyke licking spit..yeah,dat's true..hurm,well kubur an masing2..xde share an..haha..then,g bowling..i lose..dude,i sux at games dat havent paly for a looongtime..haha..then,met nuruddin..sob..he still remember trharu.hehe..then,dye balek..start my muvie los dan faun.,watch wif opatenonly cuz yana got ta date wif guess was funny..but it kinda cam grown up comedy lah..not really the type of for all ages lah..funny but somehow a bit stupid lah..not really expectable but donno lah..i rather watch antoo fighter but patenalready watched itso wattodo..hehe..then,g karaoke..hehe..bantai 6 songs..ntah apape lagu ntah..there was songs dat th vc was a model dance around the bc is in putrajaya..a bit cam sengal lah..haha..then,i come home mom who was in melaka teman my dad(who was still weak but still want to go to kursus,sumtimes i dunt get adults)kol me juz to make sure i come home by the other skoolmate dat live around subang jaya had actually asked me to go to sunway earlier dat day but i had to turn them down becuz my mum wouldnt let me..huhuhu..then,today me jage kedai alone..cuz my siblings g joli..huh,talk about revenge..about zulakmal,i dunt feel sparks..i feel cam bese2 jew lah the tyme ispent wif him..but he said he had a blast..hehe..another scandal??,firdaus who is actually in the neighborhoodcome to visit me in kedai..i want to leave kedai n lepak in mamak but i couldnt leave auntie masitah alone,we leapk kat my mum's kedai..we talks..there is tymes dat we went silent..i guess tyme build us gaps..hurmm..i was hepi to see him..(really)but juz speechless..then about two hours he went back..pity him lah..he was hungry,,buti alredy bwk bekal(ytes me bawak bekal..megi goreng dgn telur rebus satu kenduri..hehe)..kecian kat himm.well,dat doesnt make me a playgirl an..paroi si the type dat is sentsitive u noe,soft-hearted..butno sparks..but wif firdaus..he is a total comedy..i have fun wif him..but i dunt think he felt the same,tepuk one hand an..haha..lyfe is a bitch sumtimes but sumtimes a heaven..getit..k2 daa..from me(BPL2SF)

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