Friday, December 24, 2010


One Word, Depressed!

I had a blast five days in Beijing. But my good memories is ruin by result. Truly a downfall. Guess i played too much and wast focused in sem1. My dad blame me being too active in non-academic stuff. the society, me being secretary here and there. seriously, this time i dont blame on that. i blame myself. i played too much. wasting time on super unimportant things. a real WTF!! damn~~

where is the superhardworking me??
the old super ignorance-is-bliss me??
the one that act like doesnt care but do care??
i dont blame others if they do not understand me because im the one that build the wall around me.
i dont want too get closed or emotionally-attached because i hate the ending where we hate to part away.
i know thats life but my heart is too fragile~~

I wish next year would be a better year.
I hope I can be a good muslim, daughter, friend, student.
I dont want to burden my anyone~

peace off


Amalina Omar said...

come on gurl..i saport u!

NabilahArifin said...

sayanggg.... did you need someone to talk to? i'm here, you know that, right? you can talk anything to me, you know that right? :/