Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goodbye lullaby lyric

The idea to write when I saw Avril Lavigne label album, goodbye lullaby. Sleep tight and sweet dream people. :D

Goodbye lullaby
I hope you were happy,
When we were together,
When we held hands,
When we look at each other,

I hope you were sad,
When im cry on your shoulders,
When im sad too,
When you said so,

It’s a goodbye lullaby,
Im walking out of our memory,
Its better late than never,

i should ask where do you go,
(when I need you)
where is your shoulder,
(when im crying),
not anymore,
im walking away,
my head helds up high,
its because I have to,
need to,
want to,
this goodbye lullaby is for you,
sleep tight now,

i hope you are happy,
when you with your friends,
when you are with your girl,
when you are not with me,

i hope im not sad,
when I thought of you
(once in a while),
when I remember us,
when I remember you,

repeat c/0;

i have to,
i got to,
i ought to,
i need to,
erase our memory,
that’s my friend said,
i wont erase it all,
it wasn’t the best in my mind,
but theres gotta be something to learn here,
theres gotta be more to life, yeah,
i believe that, don’t you.

Repeat c/o

This is a goodbye lullaby,
Sleep tight now

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