Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saya tidak seteressss. Terima kasih.


"A student goes for an interview. The interview was going well until they reach the end. So the interviewee ask the last question ,"Can you make up words from green, yellow and pink".
The student quickly nod and confidently said, "The phone goes green,green. I pink up the phone and I said yellow" "

Moral of the story? Think before you act. lol. Yeah, it doesnt really relate, who cares it is my blog. So, Im the kind of person that doesnt think before I act. There's lot of things that Ive done that Im not proud of, makes people pissed of me. I guess thinking for me is too tiring. huhuu. Seriously people, I try to change but I just fail. =.=

Oh, btw about friends. Since in this so called celebrity position, I kind of think whatever I did is like being watched. Its like people is peeking through our loops. VERY FREAKYYYYY. I mean I feel like Im Blair + Serena in Gossip girl (dream much) As a so called great leaders, we were expected to be all saint, perfect, no problems made up, no boyfriends, no scandals, great support friends. Pfftt. People, why keep making shits out of nothing? Waeyooooo.

Come on, give us some break. We know there is a lot of risk and responsibility but to expect us to understand all problems/shits that you create is very absurd thought. I mean we are totally much better that those shits that avoid this position in the first place. But to keep making shits when you don't know a shit about us, is like wow! You guys are totally FUCKING amazing. *this is me being synical,if you too absurd to realize this.

I mean hey dear friends, who goes all the shits to get some merits? I mean come on. In the first year, I was getting a position that ensures me stay college but I join such things that gain me enough merits to stay college as a senior. Oh, come on. If you want those merits, quit all those lazyshits, and move that lazybums. I mean I didnt even expect you guys to be as great and as enthusiast as so called perfect me to join all different these activities to find some experience and have some fun. Maybe you have enough experience in highschool or matric to get through you working time. Or you already have fun like lazying, talking behind backs, shitting about nothing, shitting about why others get grades. I mean if thats your definition fun, that is fun but its like empty fun. Like an empty can being knocked over by the side of the road.

Oh, dear friends. If you really think commenting on my worrying status that Im going to blurt it all out by commenting back or Im going to chat up with you. Keep dreaming girl. You will never know me even after qiamat. Which means forever. And if any of my friend think that our friendship is based who know who first so we are closer. Keep dreaming those absurd thought again. Aigooo. Time doesnt matter in friends. I may know you for years but if I dont tell you about my family or you are not bother about my family, why in the HELL of the world I wanna share. I might know you for seconds, and snap I clicked.Yeah, so I share. SO, time doesnt matter in friendship to me. Please note that dear my so called sweet friends.

Talking behind my backs? Pftt. that is just ugly. Like freaking fugly do you realized that? What pleasure do you get by talking my secrets behind my back that you know from others? I mean if Im not telling you my secrets or problems you should totally get a knock on your head that I dont give a FUCK about your thoughts okay? Im not sharing because I dont want to FUCKING share? Please lah understand. Now, you know my probs/secrets from others but why in the HELL that you are talking it in front of me. Please immersed yourself in more important stuff. Like not talking behind others back, not talking behind others back, not talking behind others back, not talking behind others back, not talking behind others back, not talking behind others back, not talking behind others back, oh and study and stop saying like I dont understand this in front of anyone expect anyone to help you but yourself.

Get a grip of yourself. Help yourself. Stop making shits out of your self. You are really embarrasing yourself. Showing the part of helpless you is a really tiring visual to my rabun eye okey? If you wanna be all weak and ask my help now thats now not tiring.

Stop making me a celeb by talking behind my back and in front of me act like my friend and asks me give to the merits okay? Stop being so helpless. We both know it is all act for Oscar award which you will never get.

Okay, boys and girls.

Toddles, I got the DSD test tomorrow. Please pray for me. I dont whats going to happen tomorrow but Im not going to be helpless like some peoples.

Lots of love,
Zahrina Dato Haitamin
p/s: my dad is dato, so thats make me double celeb. kau hado? 

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