Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Waiting at the busstop song

 I wrote this for my fanfics story. So, in my story I got fanfics group which is made up of teen boys and girls. So, this is their debut song. (kpop influence much. lol)

After school,
Ill wait for you,
We’ll walk together,
Hand in hands,
Lets have some ice cream you said,
Vanilla and chocolate,
Our favorite right,

Waiting at the bus stop (for you),
I like this feeling,
Like having a firework live,
Like I could see a fairytale,
Like in love drama,
My heart goes dueguen,
Duegeun(can u heart it)
Dugeun (can u feel it)
Dugeun (do you feel it too)
Dugeun (I like it so much)

After school,
She’ ll wait for me (by the gate),
She always smile(that bright smile),
Make my heart flutter (all again),
Ill held her soft hand,
I wont let her go for anything,
She is my world,
My everything,

Repeat c/o;

Hey baby, listen to this(im listening),
I want you to know,
How I feel (I feel it too),
Some say puppy love doesn’t last,
But I don’t care(people can say anything),
Even this stay to high school only,
Lets make it sweet,
Like ice cream we used to share,
Vanilla and chocolate,
Sweet feeling mixed together,
Do you like it(I like it),
If you do, ill wait for you,
At the bus stop,

Repeat c/o;

Bus stop (for you),
Waiting at the bus stop (for you),
For you,

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